Our Services

We make games and fun apps to make people happy!

Mobile Games

Mobile games design has it's own rules and challenges but also can target the highest amount of users. Of course, your game will run on Android and iPhone!

Escape Room software

If you wish us to customize one of our ER products to fit your needs let us know. We can change visuals, add features and much more!

HTML5/PC Games

Such games are great to include on your website or for online contests. We use Microsoft Azure for backends so if you need extra functionality - not a problem!

Universal Technology

Our products are created with Unity Game Engine. It means that if your game needs to run on more than one platform (e.g. mobile + PC) the extra amount of work required is minimal.

Transparency and communication

Questions? Feedback? We love when clients become involved! You will not only get frequent project updates but it is our main priority that you know what is going on every step of the way.

From idea to publishing

Our process starts with your idea and ends with a product that is available to users. Need to publish on Google Play or App Store? Setup a server? Localize to many languages? Leave it to us.

Sounds interesting?

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